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This domain was registered in 2001 for decendents of Mabel and Henry Gregerson of Bemidji, Minnesota (pictured below). It is being maintained by Chris Gregerson (right), grandson of Henry and Mabel Gregerson. There is genealogy information on my family, as well as an extensive family photo album and some biographies.


An extensive family history going back to Norway on the Gregerson side of my family is hosted here in the genealogy section. It also traces my Mother's side of the family back to the Mayflower, and my wife's family to the Philippines. The reference for the family tree is my daughter, Athena Corpuz Gregerson, who has a sub-domain here with a photo album dedicated to her.

photo of Henry and Mabel Gregerson Henry and Mabel Gregerson

Henry Gregerson was the son of Norwegian immigrants Ole Andrew Gregerson and Marian Gregerson (nee Jakobsdotter). He was 1-3/4 years old when his family left Norway for America in 1885 (Ole had two sisters who previously emigrated to Minnesota). Ole settled in Kensington, then Park Rapids. Henry started a homestead Park Rapids before moving to Pennington, Minnesota. After 15 years in Penningron, Henry and Mabel moved to Bemidji permanently. The family surname prior to emigrating was Gregersen (of Horn, Nesna Parish, Norway).

My own current family is myself and two daughters, Athena and Clio, and their cousin, Marinette.

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