This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Thompson. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Abigail 1779-09-26 1809-03-17   Thompson, Isaac Sturtevant, Huldah
Abigail 1809-04-10     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Albert 1891-09-01 1970-05-21 Johnson, Estella Thompson, Reno Heys, Ida
Alice May 1913-11-10   Johnson, Harry Gordon Thompson, Albert Johnson, Estella
Barnabas 1705-01-28 1798-12-20 Porter, Hannah Thomson, Jacob Wadsworth, Abigail
Christiana 1842-04-15 1842-04-30   Thompson, Isaac Jr Thompson, Anna
Christopher 1806-06-05     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Cordelia 1844-03-16 1845-03-06   Thompson, Isaac Jr Thompson, Anna
Deborah 1804-10-06     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Deborah 1846-05-12   Paun, Amos Thompson, Isaac Jr Thompson, Anna
Donald Scott 1916 1974   Thompson, Albert Johnson, Estella
Earl 1860-04-10 1887-06-05 Church, Vernie Thompson, Joseph Pingrey, Melissa
Hiram 1808-01-23     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Hiram 1848-11-06 1849-02-03   Thompson, Isaac Jr Thompson, Anna
Ida 1856-06-13 1858-10-27   Thompson, Joseph Pingrey, Melissa
Isaac 1749-05-29 1782-12-05 Sturtevant, Huldah Thompson, Barnabas Porter, Hannah
Isaac 1849-11-00 1851-03-30   Thompson, Isaac Jr Thompson, Anna
Isaac 1774-11-17 1858 Soule, Phebe Thompson, Isaac Sturtevant, Huldah
Isaac, Jr 1815-07-07 1900-10-07 Thompson, Anna Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Joseph 1823-12-01 1916-09-21 Pingrey, Melissa Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Mary 1813-05-07     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Meade 1887-09-21     Thompson, Earl Church, Vernie
Nona 1886-07-26     Thompson, Earl Church, Vernie
Phebe 1811-01-23     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Ralph     Johnson, Mabel Thompson, Reno Heys, Ida
Reno 1862-11-19 1948-09-11 Heys, Ida Thompson, Joseph Pingrey, Melissa
Reynold       Thompson, Ralph Johnson, Mabel
Roxanna 1802-11-15     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Sabina 1801-05-03     Thompson, Isaac Soule, Phebe
Viva 1859-02-21   Thompson, Willaim Thompson, Joseph Pingrey, Melissa