Wells Fargo Lobby, Skyway Level(509)

Photo of Wells Fargo Lobby, Skyway Level(509)

© 2000 Chris Gregerson


This is the second floor of the lobby in the Wells Fargo tower(formerly the Norwest tower) on Marquette Avenue and 6th St. There are bank tellers on this level and the ground floor, below. To your right is the skyway to the Baker building. To the left is a doorway leading to Gaviidae. The windows in the background face 6th Street.

This building is actually owned by Hines Property, although Wells Fargo has a 40% share. The Bank doesn't occupy the entire building, they are just the largest single tenant. There is no listing in the phone book for "Wells Fargo Center" or "Wells Fargo Tower". (date: 2000-06-15)