American Annexation of the Philippines

I have studied Filipino history with a focus on the period of the Filipino-American war and American occupation. I have seen several social media posts that cite a few generalizations about this history and declare the United States was malevolent and exploited the Philippines. The Philippines was a United States Territory during most of this time, similar to Puerto Rico and Guam today. The people of Puerto Rico and Guam are not seeking to break from the United States, and neither were Filipinos who could read and know the facts during the American occupation. The Filipino leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, himself asked the United States not to leave the Philippines, but to remain and protect the Philippines from foreign powers while allowing him to be the dictator of the Philippines. This is known as a protectorate, and would have American soldiers and sailors risking or sacrificing their lives with the only gain being the knowledge that Emilio Aguinaldo, the assassin of competing leaders like Bonifacio and General Luna, gets to enjoy the spoils of plunder. This absurd and offensive point of view is contracited by the facts if they are viewed in total and not in a vaccuum.

I wrote the timeline below primarily as a reference for myself. I did not cite sources but it should be easy to find many, corroborating sources as I only included facts that are not in dispute. This timeline is not yet complete.




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