Photo licensing

The photographs on this website are original photos taken by Chris Gregerson and can be licensed for commercial use including advertising and editorial use. Photos are licensed on a single-use (or "rights managed") basis. The licensing fee is based on how widely the image will be distributed.

Email me at with the image number and a description of your use and I will reply with a quote.

Unauthorized reproduction will result in a fee three times the fair-market value for authorized use and could result in a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

"Non-commercial use" does not require a licensing fee, but a photo credit and hyperlink back to this website is required. "Non-commercial use" applies to use on a personal website, blog, or social media. It also applies to editorial use by a small non-profit organization with only one geographical location (e.g. a single school building or church). Internal company use by a for-profit business would be considered "commercial use".


Below are some organizations that have published my photographs.
Hudson Map
British Medical Journal
Mpls/St. Paul Magazine
Firestar Communications
Design Within Reach
Minnesota Monthly
Posters International
Folio Magazine
Nature Publishing Group
University of Arizona Press
Hennepin County
The University of Minnesota

Image format

I provide images by email as high-resolution jpeg files or cr2 files. I usually send the original file as it was downloaded from the camera. The customer is free to crop the images and adjust the color levels to suit their exact use.

I have used cameras with 1,4,10,12, and 20 megapixel resolution.

property and model releases

Some photos on this site have model releases. Most do not. Some that don't have a model release, I may be able to obtain a model release for commercial or advertising use.

Additional terms and policies:

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