Hennepin Avenue at 8th Street South(63)

Photo of Hennepin Avenue at 8th Street South(63)

© 2000 Chris Gregerson


You are in a skyway over Hennepin Avenue near 8th Street. It connect LaSalle Plaza with Carmichael Lynch offices. You're looking north down Hennepin Avenue towards the river. The Hennepin Avenue suspension bridge can be seen in the background.

On the far right is the marquee for the Skyway Theater(now closed). There was a Musicland in the building on it's left, but it's gone. The next block down is occupied by City Center, between 7th street and 6th streets. Continuing down the right(east) side of the street, The Plymouth Building is at 6th. Behind it is a sliver of the Lumber Exchange building.

The building on the left(with the large billboard on the roof) used to be occupied by Northern Lights, a record store. It's now vacant, I'm not sure if there are plans for it. The next block down on the left is "block E", currently a parking lot. The entertainment venues that were there when I was a teenager were demolished about 12 years ago. Development plans have been delayed.

The Hennepin Center for the Arts can be seen the next block down, at 6th street. (date: 2000-02-18)